Thursday, June 28, 2007

Nabana-No-Sato is a beautiful flower garden at Tokai area in Japan

This time, I'd like to update some pictures when I visited at Nabana-No-Sato to enjoy a lot of tulips in April.

Nabana-No-Sato is an one of the parks of Nagashima Resort, which contains Nagashima onsen (Hot springs), Jazz Dream Nagashima (outlet mall), Nagashima Spa Land (amusement park), in Kuwana city in Mie prefecture.
The Nabana-No-Sato is very famous at our local area, so I was also interested in the park and I visited there! At the Nabana-No-Sato, we can mainly enjoy a lot of seasonal flowers. On the other hands, their illuminations in winter are also so popular, the number of lights is the biggest in Japan.

Anyway, I update the pictures at Nabana-No-Sato in April!

This is a pond at the center of the Nabana-No-Sato. Can you see a lot of flowers surrounding the pond? It's so beautiful, right?

And the tulip festival was held at the Hana-Hiroba, which is a main open space of the Nabana-No-Sato.

It's the first time for me to see such a lot of tulips in my life. Tulips have a lot of colors, so they colored the field beautifully.

But, if we attentively see the field, we notice the fact that there're some pansies between tulips. And the tulips weren't bloomed yet, I guess that it's to delay to bloom.
If there're no pansies, the field with no bloomed tulips isn't nice, right?
So pansies also let visitors enjoy the tulips always.

I took this picture on the small hill. There were a lot of visitors even if it was weekday. If the day was weekend or holiday, it would be busier.

Every path, where we walked, is decorated with flowers after tulip field. I think that it's hard to trim the garden, but I was hankering the job.

Next pictures were taken at begonia garden. And I would like to show them.

I took this picture after entrance. I think that some group of tourists would take their souvenir pictures here.

There were several so unique flowers at begonia garden. And they look like tropical flowers, right?

I took the picture of so beautiful pond at end of begonia garden. It let me remember Butchart Gardens in Vancouver Island, Canada. Butchart Gardens are one of the most famous gardens in the world, and it was just breathtaking for me.

I took the picture in front of Chinese restaurant after begonia garden. We enjoyed full-blown peach blossoms that are suitable for Chinese restaurant.
Peach blossoms are bigger than cherry blossoms, so it's bit difference from Japanese elegance. But I can understand Chinese love peach blossoms.

This is the final picture that I took at the exit. The flowers were full-blown in April and I really enjoyed them! It was so nice! I want to visit there again in other season.


Anonymous said...

Your photographs are beautiful. I hope you continue to post more pictures. The colors are brilliant. Thanks.

bianca williams said...

ive been here , and its really amazing!!!!!! WOW!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Excellent pictures. Beautiful flowes that I never saw! Hope you post more pictures. Hearty congrats.

Nagashima Resort and Spa Land said...

Enjoyed Nagashima Resort and Spa Land so much. Hope to visit this place again.. Had fun in there..

santai saja said...

indeed amazing pictures