Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Inuyama Autumn Festival (Japanese Samurai Parade)

In December 28th, I enjoyed Inuyama autumn festival as volunteers.

I'd like to show schedule of the festival was the below.

・On the first day is floats festival (Yama-Zoroe)
We can enjoy the Windup doll's show (Karakuri Ningyo) of floats (Yama) at Shiro-Mae-Hiroba in the daytime and 10 floats with Japanese lanterns (Yo-Yama) in the nighttime.

・On the second day is Japanese samurai parade.
We can enjoy the parade of Japanese samurai in suit of armor and Matchlock gun show by the samurai (Hinawa-Ju Enbu) in the daytime.

But I was joined the Japanese samurai parade (Sengoku-Busho Monogatari) as volunteer on the second day. And the weather on the day was so nice like the weather in Vancouver summer!

At 10 am, I got together to change my cloth to parade costume at 10 am.
Everything was the first time for me, so it was very difficult and I needed the help putting on the traditional Japanese costumes. So, general Japanese especially men usually don't know the way putting on Japanese traditional cloth.

At that time, I met one international samurai! You might understand the Japanese armors by the picture.

The quality was so nice and the armors were making noises when they were running, and it made me remember the fact written on the book that samurai put straw into the chinks between their armors to keep silent when they tryed night attack.

By the way, I took his picture when we had our lunch before the parade. And he is famous in MC of radio in our area.

Anyway, we paraded with more than 260 samurai to Inuyama castle.

We couldn't take any pictures during the parade, so I took our float in the place where we waiting to start before the parade.

Can you understand the atmosphere? I don't know the actual parade and I felt bit regret, because of we couldn't watch it.

 And the next picture is the float that we pulled it to Inuyama castle. Three ladies dressed with traditional princes cloths and one Japanese traditional general were on the float.

I took it at starting place so there are some ordinal houses on the picture, but there are a lot of Japanese traditional style houses and shops when we parade the castle town.

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