Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Japanese horned beetle of the scarab family (Kabuto-mushi)

This summer, one of my friends suddenly visited my room and it was the first time for me in my life.
When I was an elementary student, I had used to play with him very often in summer. But I had never contacted with him since after junior high school. I'm sorry.

Can you guess his name?

It's Japanese horned beetle, and Japanese name is Kabuto-mushi!

I'd like to observe the proprieties, I should invite him to my room. At that time I took the next picture.

After taking pictures, he left my room for night sky.

So, I'd like to write about Japanese horned beetles on this blog!

It's so difficult to see them in Japan especial in city area, but on the other hands the horned beetles are the most popular insects among Japanese boys. This is the reason, sometimes we can see them in some pet shops.

But, in local area, Japanese boys catch them at mountain, forest or Japanese Shinto shrine easily.

How about horned beetle in your country?
Please let me know the kinds and figures!