Tuesday, December 26, 2006

How did Samurai educate their children?

When I visited at Tsuruga Castle in Aizu-Wakamatsu, I found a one of the answers.

Because of the castle is a museum now, and we can touch some facts about Samurai's daily life and the history of Tsuruga Castle and so on. At that time, I was really interested in a practice of every child of Samurai.

So this time, I would like to write about the practice called Juu-No-Okite that is the rule of the group.

The children had to belong their group called Juu when their ages were from six to nine years old for entering their school Nisshin-Kan at their age of ten. So Juu-No-Okite was a rule of the group Juu that were small group of children and they usual played with the group.

And every evening, they recited the Juu-No-Okite and had a meeting for reviewing.

The contents were…

1. Don't against what senior are saying.
2. We must make a bow for seniors.
3. Don't lie.
4. Don't act in a mean way.
5. Don't dully to any weak people.
6. Don't eat anything in the outside.
7. Don't talk anything with women in the outside.

And we can't do any forbad things.

I think the rule includes two important means, first is looking up their seniors and two is helping weak people. Both would affect that they were be great leaders.

So, actually the Aizu-Wakamatsu domain was the most famous in valor. Because. Japanese valor should come with consideration for weak people.

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Japanese Scarlet Maple Leaves at Jakko-In

I guess that it might be ten days ago. We had excursion for viewing scarlet maple leaves at the famous temple “Jakko-In” in Inuyama-City in North Aichi-prefecture. So, this time, I’d like to upload some of the pictures of scarlet maple leaves and the temple.

Inuyama-City is bit famous for tourist attractions, because the city has Japan Monkey Park, Meiji village and Little World, which are theme parks established by Meitetsu-Group. Every park is huge and interesting.
And there is Inuyama Castle that has a castle tower, which is national treasure on the rocky hill close by Kiso River.

The temple “Jakko-In” at Inuyama-city is so famous for scarlet maple leaves that there are a lot of posters in Meitetsu stations.

This time, I walked on the route that we passed through under Inuyama castle and go to Jakko-In to enjoy scarlet maple leaves, and then we visit the castle and came back with my friends.

From here, I would like to upload the pictures!

This is the tunnel under Inuyama-Castle. And Kiso River flows right of the picture. We would guess the area is the upper of Kiso River by the atmosphere of the rock.

I took the picture has a lot of scarlet maple leaves on the small brook when I walked to Jakko-In. There’re a lot of leaves.

The road to go the temple was colored by a lot of scarlet maple leaves. The timing when I visit was end of the season of scarlet maple leaves. So we walk on the road covered by a lot of fallen leaves.

The road is like this picture. The trees are scarlet maple leaves at right side.

So, these are the pictures that I took when I found a small path at right side. The steps also covered by scarlet maple leaves. I guess that it’s easy to slip at raining day.

I took the scarlet maple trees on the steps. So, there are just scarlet maple leaves!

There was a bronze statue after the steps. Of cause the background also scarlet maple leaves!

After the bronze statue, I guessed that it was the real beginning of the approach to Jakko-In. There were no autumn leaves on the steps, so I took the picture.

But, the scarlet maple leaves continued from next steps. We really loved the scarlet maple leaves. Don’t you think it’s beautiful?

These steps were under the roof made in scarlet maple leaves! The color was beautiful red at the foot, but the colors were changed to yellow! Because of the scarlet maple leaves are very sensitive in the environment, so there was a difference of temperature between the foot and top of the small mountain that Jakko-In locates on.

There is Jakko-In is a temple on the top of the mountain. And it has a special bell. How special? If we pray for our dream while striking the bell, the dream will come true. So, I struck it strongly! I wish the dream would come true.

And I took the picture of Inuyama-castle while going back. The left of the sun is Inuyama-castle, and the river is Kiso River.

Japanese really love scarlet maple leaves, and the leaves is one of the representatives of Japanese autumn. The atmosphere is difference from Canadian one. Canadian Maple leaves would be great and breathtaking, Japanese Maple leaves would be sensitive and breathtaking.

Because, Japanese beauties have been cared from old times and it was calculated.