Monday, May 07, 2007

The day time of Inuyama festival at the second day

I'm sorry, I didn't update since last month. This time, I want to update about the second day of Inuyama festival, but the point aimed at is bit unique.

The first day, we enjoy the windup doll so I directed my attention the cherry blossoms around Inuyama castle on the second day.

These pictures shows the cherry blossoms on Gose River that is also moat of Inuyama castle. The day, the blossoms were so beautiful, and the beauties were based on Japanese cultures.

When I walked along the river, I remembered the cherry blossoms at Chidoriga-Fuchi next by Japanese Imperial Palace called Kokyo. I guess the atmosphere of the cherry blossoms on moats that surround Japanese castles would be very similar by the fact that I remember the cherry blossoms at Chidoriga-Fuchi by the cherry blossoms in Inuyama.

We also found some carp streamers called Koi-Nobori swimming over Gose River. It's so rare to enjoy cherry blossoms and Koi-Nobori at the same time.

When I turned my attention to the surface of the river, I found a lot of the petals.
The time of Inuyama festival is same as full-blown of the cherry blossoms in Inuyama. I felt lonesome when I imagined the blossoms were going to fall soon after the Inuyama festival.

I went over the Gose River after enjoying the cherry blossoms, there were some floats in preparation for the night festival at down town of the castle.
At the first day, we couldn't see the night festival by rain. So I aimed at night festival at the second day!

This is a barrel of free Japanese Sake for every body who enjoys the festival. The tast was so nice and I was so surprised to be honest.

Before this festival, I believed that Japanese Sake in Toyama was the best for me, but I found the fact that some Japanese Sake in Aichi were also very tasty! This festival changed me to love some Japanese Sake in this area.

This is the stone monument that is describing there was a mile stone of Nakasen-do had been here.

Next time, I want to show the night festival!

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Do you have a schedule of events for the festival or could you point out where I can find it? Thanks!